General conditions of hiring

Article 1 - OBJECT
The seasonal leasing agreement is reserved for the exclusive use of the hirings belonging to the one-man business Men Meur Loc, owner of the goods put in hiring. These residences could not be used by way of principal dwelling or even secondary and the tenant will be able to carry on there no commercial activity, artisanal or professional.

The tenant signatory of this contract concluded for one given duration will be able in no circumstance to prevail himself of an unspecified right to the maintenance in the places with the exit of the stay.

> Reservation by the tenant:
The tenant carrying out a reservation signs and returns to the owner two signed specimens of the leasing agreement accompanied imperatively by an installment of 25% of the total amount of the hiring. The pay of the hiring is to be poured at the latest 30 days before the entry in the places.
> Confirmation by Men Meur Loc:
Within 10 day as from the reception of the installment of reservation, the owner makes a mail:
- is confirming to the tenant the availability of housing, the engagement of the parts becoming firm. This mail is accompanied by the second specimen of leasing agreement signed by the owner.
- is restoring with the tenant completely the paid sum, the housing chosen by the tenant not being more available for the desired period.
> Natural of commitment:
The hiring concluded between the parts with the present contract cannot in no case to profit even partially with thirds, persons or entities, except written agreement of the owner. Any infringement with this last subparagraph would be likely to involve the immediate cancellation of the hiring to the wrongs of the tenant, the product of the hiring remaining definitively sure with the owner.

Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter or telegram. For any cancellation because of the tenant, the owner will preserve the following sums:
o Cancellation more than thirty day before the beginning of the stay: the installment remains sure.
o Cancellation enters thirtieth and the eighth day before the beginning of the stay: 50 % of the amount of the stay.
o Cancellation less than eight days before the beginning of the stay or not presentation of the tenant: 100 % of the amount of the stay.
For any cancellation because of the owner, except in the case or it would be imposed by circumstances of cause beyond control, the tenant will receive in addition to the versed sums an allowance equal to the sum corresponding to the installment.

Article 5 - ARRIVAL
The tenant must present himself the specified day and at the hour mentioned on this leasing agreement, generally saturdays to 16 h. In the event of late or differed arrival, the tenant must warn the owner or his representative.

Article 6 - USE
The residences owe, under no pretext, be occupied by a number of people higher than that indicated on this leasing agreement, except prior agreement of the owner. If necessary, the owner will be able to claim a supplement of rent or to refuse the entry in the places.

An inventory is established jointly and signed by the tenant and the owner or his representative on arrival and departure of housing. This inventory constitutes the only reference in the event of litigation concerning the inventory of fixtures. The state of cleanliness of housing on arrival of the tenant will have to be noted in the inventory of fixtures. The cleaning of the buildings is the responsibility of the tenant for the period of hiring and before its departure. Any anomaly or any dysfunction giving place to complaint will have to be announced by the tenant at the latest the shortly after the entry in the places.

Article 8 - RENT - DEPOSIT
The amounts of the rent including all taxes and the deposit will be specified to you in the leasing agreement. The loads will be pécisées on the leasing agreement.
As of his arrival, with the handing-over of the keys, the tenant will pour between the hands of the owner or his representative a sum whose amount is defined in this leasing agreement, by way of deposit, to answer of the damage which could be caused with the movable or different objects furnishing the rented places. Any, deteriorated, broken lost object or damaged will have to be replaced or refunded with the owner with his value of replacement by the tenant who obliges to with it. This deposit, nonproductive of interests, will not be able to in no case to be regarded as the payment of part of the rent. After the contradictory establishment of the inventory of fixtures of exit, this deposit will be restored, deduction made of the cost of repairing of the places if degradations were noted. In the event of anticipated departure preventing the establishment of the inventory of fixtures the very same day of the departure of the tenant, the deposit will be returned by the owner within a time not exceeding a week.

Article 9 - INSURANCE
The tenant must be ensured a manifestly known insurance company against the theft risks, sets fire to and damage of water, as well for his tenant's risks as for the furniture given in hiring, like for the recourse of the neighbors, and to justify some with first requisition of the owner. Consequently, this last declines any responsibility for the recourse which its insurance company could exert against the tenant in the event of disaster.

The tenant is held of:
1 to occupy the places only for a private use, other than the exercise of any trade, profession or industry, the grateful tenant that this hiring is granted to him only title of provisional residence and pleasure, major condition without which the present hiring would not have been authorized to him.
2 nothing to make which, of its fact or because of its family or of her relations, can harm the peace of the vicinity.
3 To occupy the places personally and to be able to in no case to sub-lease, even free, nor to yield its rights to the present hiring, except written agreement of the owner.
4 to be able under any pretext to store movables, except for the linen and small objects.
5 not to make any modification nor change in the provision of the pieces of furniture and the places.
6-for reasons of hygiene and cleanliness of the garden, the animals are not admitted, without the authorization preliminary of the owner. If necessary, the tenant will have to take care that the animal does not cause any damage, nor no disturbance of possession in the vicinity.
7 To let carry out during the hiring, in the rented places, work whose manifest urgency does not allow their carryforward.
8 To maintain the rented places and to return them in good condition of cleanliness and tenant's repairs at the end of the stay.
9 To immediately inform the owner or his representative of any disaster and degradations occurring in the rented places, even if it does not result any apparent damage from it.
10 To answer of degradations and losses which arrive by its characteristic made or the fact of the people of its house, during the pleasure of housing, unless it does not prove that they took place without her fault nor that of the know-indicated people.

Article 11 - LITIGATIONS
Any complaint relating to the inventory of fixtures and the descriptive state during a hiring must be subjected to Men Meur Loc in the 3 days as from the entry in the places. Any other complaint must be addressed to him as soon as possible by letter.